Travel to Spain with me!

This is the month of romance and wining and dining your loved one.  I have decided to do a couple of special things for my husband.  I have an appreciation jar full of red heart cut outs that say all the things I love about him, some thoughts, is really a fun idea bccause he gets to open a heart every day of the month of February.  It starts his day off just right!  Today's heart said, " This heart is to celebrate your love for chocolate....we are going to have dessert from the Davidson Chocolate Factory".  Yesterday's heart said, " Today we have breakfast for dinner".  Steves favorite meal is breakfast!  See what I mean?

The other treat he gets is that we are celebrating my parents' recent trip to Barcelona, Spain.  They had an incredible time.  My father took some amazing pictures of a Barcelona marketplace that I am sharing with you.  You will see how vibrant the colors are of all the fresh fruits, fresh fish, fresh meats, and  fresh herbs...I think there is a common word here..............FRESH! 

Whenever I think of Spain, I think of fresh ingredients at your finger tips.  Spain is full of romantic, passionate people.  I think February is the perfect month to travel there vicariously!  That is what my blog and I will be doing for you............taking you on a journey through Spain.  I will share about their lifestyle, wines, cheeses, tapas.........families.  All of it.  Look for some exciting recipes too.  For Valentines Day, I have a menu that will knock the socks off of you and your Valentine!  For now, let me whet your appetite with these wonderful pictures.  Enjoy your travel!!!