A trip to The Italian Market in Philadelphia Today with my mom!

Italian Market shopping at Fante's!  Look at my goodies!

Italian Market Produce, where all chefs buy their produce in PHILLY!

Baby Eggplants!  So cute!


Every kind of Sausage you can imagine made that day!

Mom, checking out the goodies!

Famous painting of the well known DiBruno Bros....But, we buy our cheese from Claudio's!

All kinds of Seafood on ice!

Fresh and LIVE Blue crabs!
When I travel home to The City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, there are a few things that have to happen, One, a soft pretzel must meet my lips!  Two, I must see my beloved family and do a lot of laughing and crying! Three, a cheese steak must get into my belly at some point, and a trip to The Italian Market is a MUST!  Believe me, there are more of these, "MUSTS", but, I am skimming the urgent list first!
Today, Mom and I took my husband to the airport so he could get back to work.  We dropped him off at PHL, and onward to the Market we went.  We opened the doors to the Market right at 9 am!  FYI, The Italian Market is NOT open on Monday's so save yourself that journey and go Tuesday through Sunday, it will be hopping!
We started out at the famous Kitchen store Fante's!  They have every kitchen appliance, pot, pan, baking utensils, coffee pot, coffee to drink and to buy, tea to drink and to buy, rolling pin, gadgets you could not even imagine needing, until you see it there!  I have never entered Fante's without leaving with my hands full!  My mother would find something we both had to have and she would buy it for us and I would find something I knew she had to have and buy it for us!  When we enter the store, we enter our, "zone".....we become so focused on everything, it's like we are drugged or like a child in a candy store............I WANT IT ALL!  lol.
I think my favorite find today was something I thought I would invent if someone did not do it first, but, of course, as all inventions for the most part, some one thought of it already!  Lucky for me they did, because when I tell you about this, I have a feeling they are going to need to order more!  It is called the "KING CUBE TRAY".  This is a simple silicone ice cube tray, but, the trick is that the cubes are HUGE, making them perfect for slow melting in a cocktail!  This is pure genius and yet so simple.  I first saw these ice cubes when I was in Napa Valley recently at Bottega Restaurant.  They served our cocktails with these huge cubes and our drink never became diluted and watery!  I have been on a mission to find these trays ever since then. I'll bet you all google the King cube tray now!  Haha.....good luck!
A day at the Market is never complete without a cheese steak.  We chose to try Georges today,,,well,,,I think it was ok,,,but, I've had much better and my favorite Philly Cheese Steak is actually in Delaware at Casapulla Sub Shops! They have many locations!  I've been eating at this establishment since I was a baby and my grandmother, mother and father the same!  I think they have been around forever!  They are so good, and there is always a line, even if you call ahead ( which may be a busy signal too!  don't quit), you will have to wait a bit,,,but,,,,,,,,WORTH EVERY SECOND! Their Italian Sub is the BEST! Their Cheese steaks are THE WORLDS FINEST!  I have a lot of Italian relatives to back me up here!
This was a fun day!  I always love spending time with my mom, she is so much fun!  We had a few funny experiences like when we both needed to find a restroom and so, we bought a coffee at Anthony's coffee shop on 9th street.  The bathroom was down in the basement, yes sir!  Down a very narrow and steep staircase that looked like it was built for a doll house!  Then, we did have to park the car,,,parking was tight and it took some serious 25 point turns to get into the spot, but, the stubborn Italian came out of me,,,and mom's sign language from the sidewalk along with her screams of fear I was going to hit the car in front of me was quite entertaining!  All in a day of loving our beloved Philadelphia!  Tonight we celebrate by eating our purchases of sharp Italian cheeses, olives, Broccolirabe, Fresh Branzini, Mediterranean Fish all drizzled with the finest of Olive oils!  Salute!  May you get a chance to have such a special day soon! :)