Southern Tomato Pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Southern Tomato Pie!

It has been 7 years since we moved from Chadds Ford, PA ( Where we resided for 12 years) to Cornelius, NC, Lake Norman, NC.  We loved Chadds Ford so much.   We love Lake Norman very much as well.  We have been fortunate enough from day one to be blessed with amazing neighbors and wonderful friendships in both locations!
One of my neighbors is an amazing cook, she introduced me to the Southern version of Tomato Pie...which, you northerners need to brace yourself, as I is SOOOO different then what we call Tomato Pie in Philly! 

For you Southerners, fyi......Tomato Pie from the North is Pizza dough with a Tomato Paste like consistency topping with Parmigiana Reggiano cheese on top, but, NO MOZZARELLA!  It is so delicious, but, very much authentic Italian, PHILADELPHIA! !  You might finding yourself saying..., " Where is the mozzarella?"...haha....  I would be happy to make it sometime for you to taste if you all want me to.  Just let me know!  My nieces and nephews have been eating this since they could eat table food, but, trust me, they drooled over their parents pie for at least one year before the doctors gave them permission to eat it! :))

My wonderful and genuine, sweet neighbor and dear friend, Karen makes the BEST TOMATO PIE EVER!  She introduced me to this pie and I have never been the same since.  My other dear friend Pam and her husband make another version of this pie and it is equally wonderful.  No matter how you do this pie, it is so amazing will crave it all the time, just like ME!!!!!!!!!!  I have my version on this recipe...............I hope you like it!  ENJOY!


Yields: One pie, bake at 375 for 25 min. or until cooked through and golden brown on top!


One pie shell or homemade pie dough
4 ripe large can mix like I and yellow....or if in season, we all love Heirloom
Salt and pepper to taste
Garlic salt and onion powder to taste
1 cup of cheddar cheese, shredded
1 cup of any other cheese you love, I suggest Asiago, mozzarella, Havarti, Fontina, or Moneteray Jack.  They all work...traditional is Mozzarella.  I used Asiago.........I like big flavor!
1 Tablespoon of finely chopped fresh basil...or to your taste, add more...I do!
1 cup of chopped onion, I like sweet vidalia
2 T. minced garlic
**  To your taste, fresh chopped chives, parsley, and basil to taste as garnish or chopped scallions...up to you!  I like the chives, parsley and basil personally in a perfect world,,,but, not a biggie!f
1 cup Mayo..........DUKES in the south,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,northerners,,,Hellman's!
6 or 7 slices of pre cooked bacon chopped into 1 inch slices............because, it is cooked perfectly and not overly fatty and greasy!

In a preheated oven, heat pie shell at 375 for 5 to 10 min...keep an eye on it to be lightly golden and toasted.  DO NOT OVER COOK!  This is to assure a crusty crust under the pie ingredients.

In a medium size bowl, mix together the following:  Cheddar cheese, other cheese, fresh basil, chopped onion, minced garlic, mayo, taste first and if you feel it needs more flavor, I love to add a little more Garlic salt, and onion powder! 

Take pie shell and add half of  the mixture of ingredients above to the bottom of the shell, top with salted and peppered 1/2 inch slices of tomatoes...a mixture of types if you can.  Not necessary if you do not have access to them.
 Now add the remaining topping to the top off the first layer of  tomatoes.  Now, top remaining tomatoes for garnish and a second layer of tomatoes to the pie.  Garnish with fresh, chopped chives preferably and fresh, chopped  parsley and basil and serve!
 I used what I had.............scallions..which work also.  ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!

Serve with fresh fruit or a tossed salad and rolls or fresh hot bread and olive oil.  I hope you love this as much as we do!  ENJOY!
Thank you to Karen for making this dish so special to me! :))