8 posts to 100!!

Hello luscious friends!

WE ARE..........not PSU....just kidding...but, we are only 8 posts away from our 100th post!!!!!  Without all of you I would have no purpose in coming this far!  I am very excited about our countdown. 

I have an update to share with you all as well.  I am about to open my first commercial kitchen site!  I cannot tell you how happy I am.  I feel like I am living a dream.  The kitchen has been a work in progress for a year.  I started with my blog last January, with one follower that was my husband.  I know, that is pretty funny, but, it is so nice that you can count on your best friend ever...he did come through for me!  Now I have many followers from all over the world.  I am so grateful for everyone from everywhere that are looking at my blog and trying the recipes. Thank you my dear friends!!

When I started to see viewers from India, Brazil, Canada, London, all over America, and Italy, I was so thrilled.  I really love that we can share great food from over the seas with each other.  I follow many blogs and experiment with their cooking everywhere and find it to be like traveling all over the world!  I hope you continue to enjoy my blog and many others!

As we approach my 100th blog, I am hoping for all of you dear friends to participate!  PLEASE join me as we unturn the final 8!  It is an official countdown.  Send me your requests for what you crave!  If you love Mexican, or a special Italian dish, or Cajun, or Spanish, french, Hungarian,Indian, Asian, polish, Thai, WHATEVER!  Even all simple loving comfort food...we are all open!!!!!!!!!
I will make 8 final dishes.  These dishes will be based on your requests.   The dishes will be based on the first 8 requests I receive from the receipt of this post!!!  BRING YOUR REQUESTS.

The rest will follow!!! HANG ON!! :))

Cannot wait to hear from you!

My love,