Recently in Naples at a new and very nice french restaurant on 5th Avenue called "The French", our waitress used the term UMAMI.  I found this very interesting.  I wondered, is this now a "word" used everyday in a world of proclaimed foodies?  Or, is she speaking to us because she knows us and about our food experience?  Hmmmmmm... I pondered. and pondered a LOT!

I wanted my first blog in a long time to be meaningful.  I feel this is a very meaningful blog since it is summer of 2017,  and I find myself sitting in Greensboro NC in my office blogging.  My blog originated in 2009 in Lake Norman, NC.  Full circle as we might say?  Or serendipity?  Of course I have to think so.

We are living both in Naples and NC.  My husbands job provides for this really fun North and South experience all year long.  Have I forgotten something thinking it was in the other house, YES!  Is that the worst part, YES!  I am getting better at this juggle of a traveling girls life, but, I would be lying if I did not admit it is a lot of fun mixing life up a bit!

I am finding myself so inspired by the food scene in Greensboro.  To most of you, this is just a furniture town between High Point and Winston Salem, NC.  An hour from Raleigh or so, and same to Charlotte, NC...sort of a stone throw from several little towns. 

The coolest part about the Carolina's these days are the amazing amounts of craft cocktails, craft beer, even distilleries,( Fainting Goat),, and tons of very inspired chef's creating UMAMI flavors everywhere!  A foodie DREAM!  This extends into Raleigh, Durham which is on my hit list as well as into the mountains Ashville, Banner Elk, The Highlands, all over really putting North Carolina on the map of Foodie Hot Spots for sure! 

What is Umami?  This is a question I can only imagine should have struck many of you foodies by now.  If you know what Umami means, hey, good for you!  I would have to think though that it is a more frequently used term today, that could use further discussion.

According to the official Umami Information Center, “umami is a pleasant savory taste imparted by glutamate, a type of amino acid, and ribonucleotides, including inosinate and guanylate, which occur naturally in many foods including meat, fish, vegetables and dairy products.” Chances are you’re already combining certain foods for maximum umami flavor without event realizing it: Bacon and cheese on your hamburger; tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese, and French fries with ketchup.
Japanese and Chinese foods sparked the Umami craze with Tofu, Soy sauce, and Carrots, beef and Uni, (sea urchin). 

Some foods that are full of umami levels of naturally occurring glutamate in them are going to ring a bell to your sensors.  For example, Chicken soup!  The ultimate comfort food, why?  Well, chicken bones are full of glutamate, ( mg./100mg.):40. 40 being the level. 

Other examples are:
* Carrots and Sweet Potatoes,( mg:/100mg): 33
* Green Tea, ie: Haagen Dazs Greeen Tea Ice cream......(mg:/100mg) 668
* Parmesan cheese is HIGH......(mg:/100mg):1200*Potatoes, ie : french fries or chips...(102)
* Seafood: Shrimp: (43), Scallops,(159), Clams,(208), Oysters,(137), mussels,(105)
I have to say that my favorite Umami dish I ever have had that  I will never forget or recover from was in Napa Valley at Morimotos Restaurant.  I love UNI.  Their special appetizer was, Uni Carbonara.  Excuse me?  Uni and bacon and cream sauce, and Parmesan cheese and pasta.  REALLY?  This should be illegal!  Seriously, off the chart in Umami levels.  I would love some right now!  It was out of this world amazing and delicious.  I will close on that note.
 May  Umami be with you !

                                                                        Blue Egg truffle

4 of Carol's blue eggs, free range real eggs with a blue shell........not dyed! (or your fave free range egg)
1 T. goat cheese with honey or plain goat cheese
1 T. truffle mousse pate
1/2 T. white truffle oil
1 T. butter
kosher salt

Simple:  whisk eggs into bowl , add goat cheese, mousse and combine.
Heat : Small nonstick pan with butter on medium low.
Add in whisked combination and using a spatula, move around in a circular fashion....cook until silky wet in texture.  Remove to cold bowl immediately.  Salt and pepper.

Use your egg shell after cleaning it carefully and rest on sea salt as above with a drizzle of white truffle oil and experience the visual umami, with a no doubt flavor full umami egg! 

***Close your eyes when you is marvelous!